Tim Smith Counselling

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Integrative Counsellor and Group Facilitator

Children and Young People


I work with Children and Young People in a number of settings.  At the Green House ( I work as part of a team of therapists offering free, specialist therapy for children and young people who have experienced sexual abuse.


In schools I offer individual therapy to pupils and for staff. and have worked with a wide age range of school pupils - from nursery to sixth form and college.  Most of the work in schools, is through Butterfly Creative Therapies ( - an independent counselling organisation which has been successfully providing therapy in Bristol schools for over 10 years and includes music, art and play therapies..


Working with a range of ages requires different approaches: with the younger pupils this is through play, using puppets, lego, games and a wide variety of art and craft materials.


Play is the natural way younger chidren learn and communicate with others: playing in therapy enables them to express painful and difficult feelings and to develp trust and form a relationship.


When older pupils come to therapy it is not always necessary to use another medium such as play or art, but at times it can help them to engage in the work and form a therapeutic relationship.  A lot of the work with secondary age and above pupils is much more like 1:1 counselling with adults:  young people often come with some understanding of the difficulties they are facing and have made a choice to work on some of those problems.

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Using different materials children are able to express their unspoken feelings and concerns without having to find the words