Tim Smith Counselling

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Integrative Counsellor and Group Facilitator

Group Therapy and Facilatation

Groups offer us an opportunity to not remain isolated with our experiences and problems but to share and compare our experience with others. They provide a place to get feedback about what it is like to be with us, how we are seen and perceived by others, as well as how we see and perceive others.  Perhaps most significantly alongside the sense of not being alone can be the development of trust with others in the group.  The group offers an opportunity for change and growth: an opportunity to be different.


Each group is different and will be guided by the problems and levels of engagement and commitment that individual members bring, there will be some similarities with each group though.



Groups offer learning at many levels and on many subjects and operate on an ‘us’ level of awareness and emphasise learning with others.  In general, they provide an opportunity for us to experience how we interact with others and become a focus for studying ways in which we form relationships and manage ourselves.  The emphasis in groups is ‘learning through experience’, using the group as a resource for tackling personal problems and developing an understanding of our own behaviours and the behaviours of others.


Groups provide the opportunity to learn how to communicate more effectively and to see the way we operate in the larger society, in intimate relationships, and with families and friends.


The positive outcome of any group is directly related to the stability of membership through attendance so we ask that if you decide to start in a group it is at a time when you will not be distracted by holidays or any other commitments.  All the work of a group is treated confidentially and we ask that all group members maintain this boundary.


If you are interested in joining a group you will be invited to meet mself and the other facilitator to help you to decided if it is what you want. It is also to get information about the group: how it functions and what the terms and conditions are for attending.  Also helps work out who would be able to work together most effectively – it is not an interview to pass or fail.