Tim Smith Counselling

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Integrative Counsellor and Group Facilitator

Individual Counselling.

The key to any successful counselling is forming a safe and trusting relationship, this is true for adults, young people and children.


Counselling provides a space where concerns, difficulties and fears, can be safely explored and shared.  It offers an opportunity to examine feelings, uncover concerns and anxieties, as well as reconsider and repair relationships.


I offer short and long term counselling for individuals and groups.  I believe that how we relate to others, and how we make relationships, including with ourselves, is fundamental to the development of self and ultimately to who we are.  


It is normal for people to experience problems at some point in their lives, these can be in relationships, at work and through truamatic events.  Counselling offers a place to try and make sense of situations and feelings to let us live and work to our potential.