Tim Smith Counselling

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Integrative Counsellor and Group Facilitator

Some frequently asked questions:

What happens in a session?


In counselling you can talk about anything, whether it’s something that happened to you a long time ago or whether it’s your current situation that is troubling you.  The role of your counsellor is to help you feel comfortable and safe enough to explore the things that are stopping you be more at ease with yourself and your life.



How much does it cost?


The initial session is £20 after that sessions cost between £30 and £55 depending on circumstances


It is possible to book a block of 6 or more sessions, if you choose to do this a reducton in cost can be agreed.


How long, and what are the frequency of sessions?


Sessions are for 1 hour.


Counselling is usually once a week, and is as far as possible on the same day and at the same time.  The frequency of sessions can be varied  if there are particular reasons why it may be beneficial. Some clients find that a few meetings are enough; others prefer to continue for longer.


How can counselling help?


Life for everyone involves ups and downs, for some the downs are managable  for others less so.  At times the oportunity to talk about and explore experiences can be helpful.  Sometimes difficulties have been pushed under the carpet and there may not be anybody to talk to them about, it is also often the case that those you can talk can find it difficult to hear without talking about their own difficulties and opinions.  Counselling is about talking about the things that are upsetting you and having somebody really listen to you.


Common reasons for coming to counselling include:


Feeling low / depressed / anxiety / worry / loneliness / declining health / loss of independence / bereavement / unresolved conflict / anger / fears for the future / past experiences / family problems / coping with change / feelings of worthlessness / caring for another person.


Can I be seen at home?




Where are you located and is there parking nearby?


I work from several locations: Frenchay,  Kingswood, Fishponds.  Parking is available at all locations.



Do you have wheelchair access?


Yes: in Kingswood and Bedminster.